General condition of Sale

Introduction and general information

  1. Whit this text, the general condition of sale are set out, through which the internet negotiation procedure is regulated.
    The person responsable for the contractual offer is TOB srlsm whit registered office in 82100 Benevento - Viale Atlantici, 16 - Italy.

  2. The User or Customer hereby is informed about the General Condition of Sale.
    The user also declares that these conditions have been made known to him prior to the start of the negotiation.
    When the User clicks on the button: "i have read and accept these conditions totally and without reservation, in addition to any other particular conditions that may exist.

  3. By accepting the "Condition of Sale" in accordance with the procedures referred to in point 2) above, the user undertakes to accept the "Regulations for the use of Bicycles", he undertakes to accept these conditions totally and without reservation, in addition to any other particular condititions that may exist.

  4. Through these General Conditions, the User is informed that TOB srls can, at nay time and without notice, modify the content of these Generarl Conditions of Sale and any particular conditions connected to them.

Contract applciation procedures:

  1.  In order to proceed with the purchase of the tour, the customer must necessarily register on the website, through which he will receive username and password on the mail indicated during registration, within 24/twenty four hours, following registration and with which you can log in to complete the payment operations; 

  2. Within the site, the customer must select the type of product desidered, click on hte "buy" button and access a screen where he can enter his persona and bank details after registering on the site referred to in point "1", must read and accept the General Condition of Sale and once the steps outlined above have been correctly carried out, proceedwith the payment, making sure that it has been successful.
    At this point, the negotiation process is considered completed;

  3. After making the payment, the customer will receive a confirmation email at the email address indicated during registration, in which he will be informedof the details of the purchase made and the outcome of the same
    It will be the exclusive care of the customer to keep this information.

  4. Our registration system also allows subsequently to identify and correct errors due to data entry.
    Our registration procedure therefore allows you to check and correct any errors.
    If you encounter error or difficulties in the registration phase, you can send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. in which you can report your needs and / or problems.
    TOB srls will take care of having you receive a reply within a short post.

  5. The language in which the contract is formalized is Italian, therefore, in case of disputes due to linguistic or anyother type of interpretation, the language that will have legale and therefore prevailing value will be Italian.

Identification of the parts

  1.  The person in charge of the contractual offer TOB srls - Viale Atlantici, 16 - 82100 Benevento - p. VAT 01722510623, with email address is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and pec This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

  2. The User is the buyer of the products / services offered on the site, for the various cities existing on the portal.

    The same must have passed the eighteen (18) years of age, as well as being in full possession of his faculties for the stipulation of binding contracts.


  1.  The object of the General Conditions is the determination of the legal conditions applicable to the internet buying and selling procedure between TOB srls an the User, in order to allow and proceed with the purchase of the products / services offered.

Characteristics of the products

  1. As part of the electronic commerce of TOB srls, the User may purchase various types of products / services that will allow him / her to be provided with the contracted services.
    The descripion of each of them will be obtained by selecting and clicking on the product you are interested in.

Characteristic and identification of the seller

  1. TOB srls s not a tour operator, in fact it offers tourist promotion services, tourist information and visito assistance services.
    The services offered on the portal make use the collaboration of guides and / or tour guides regurarly qualified and regurarly anrolled in the professional register of competence.
    It is precisely through them that TOB srls operates, providing the rental of bicycles and / or anything else necessary for the realization of the tour, which however is carried out, created and managed by the guides / escorts mentioned above.

Customer policies

  1. For each product / services sold, specific policies may be present.
    These sales policies, if any, will be available in the relevant data sheet with which each of them is provided, published on our website.

Price and availability

  1. In the products the complete final price of which it made up and in which taxes and any other additional coasts are discriminated.

  2. We do our utmost to offer exact and comprehensive product information.
    TOB srls, publishes the information of the various products offered in its online store which keeps it as up to date as possible.

  3. TOB srls may modify the prices of the products whenever it consider it appropriate.
    For this reason, by accessing the website where the prices of TOB srls products / services are published, the User must ensure that these prices are the updated version and not a previous version that the user / customer terminal it may have stored internally.
    To this end, it undertakes, when accessing the prices of the products, to click "Update" icon, which may vary depending on the browser used. 


  1. With the creation of an order and with the payment, it will be understood that the User expresses his consent to the offer made by TOB srls and the contract will be considered as stipulated.

  2. The order will be made with a binding nature by the User when i clicks / selects the button "I have read and accept the General Conditions of Sales" and the "Regulation forthe use of Bicycles" and only after payment carried out has been successful or has been successful and accepted.
    TOB srls will send the User a confirmation of his order by e-mail within a maximum of 24 / twnty.four hours, indicating the specifics of the order and the payment made.

  3. Should the customer, after making the payment, realize that the same has occured faudulently by third parties or persons connected to him and connected by any degree of kinshio, all included, non excluded, and / or that card used for the payment is "cloned" ( in technincal Jargon ), or, "stolen", the cardholder now expressly renounces any right of recourse against TOB srls, relieving TOB srls from any liability legal and renouncing to undertake any type of legal action at any location and at the expense of TOB srls.

Payment method

  1. The payment methods offered are credit card payments.


Execution of the contract and duration

  1. Once the contracting process has been completed and the payment has been made, the User has the right to enjoy the services purchased.

  2. This contract will be in force as long as the two (2) parties still have to fulfill the obligations to which they committed themselves by stipulating it.

Right of withdrawal

  1. The User does not have the right to excercise any right of withdrawal as it is a service connected with recreational activities.

  2. The products cannot be compensated for any reasion,without prejudice to the possibility of withdrawing up to 45 / forty-eight hours in advance, in which case you must send an email to the e-mail address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. within the times indicate above.
    In any case, a sum equal of 30% thirty percent will be retained thirty percent of the sum paid.
    The remaining 70% seventy percent will be re-credited to the card used for payment within 10 / ten working days from the date of cancellation / withdrawal.
    Alternatively, the cunsomer can opt to request the movement of the purchased service, on a date to be agreed by sending an email to the previously indicated email address.

  3. In case of rain, the service will be compensated 50% fifty percent where not used, or moved / postponed, at the request of the same, to a different date to be agreed with the user.
    The user / customer, within 3 three days will reice an email to the email address indicated when registering on the site, in which he will be asked for the option he prefers to adopt (refund or use on agree).
    It is therefore always appropriate for the user / customer to consult the weather forecast before booking.
    The site has implemented an active link in it and linked to the site where it is possible to carry out such consultation, however TOB srls is not considered and will not be responsable for untruthful of incorrect information profided by the sites other than its own, or connecterd through links.


  1. In case of complaints, it is possible to send a written request to the following email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Data protection

  1. Whit the information below, TOB intends to make you aware of the privacy policy applied to your personal data according to these General Contition of Sale.

  2. TOB srls fulfills all the requirements established by the current rules on the protection of personal data, therefore all the data under our responsability are managed according to local needs, respecting both technical and organizational security measures aimed at guaranteeing confidentially.

  3. The User undertakes to provide TOB srls with real and truthful data.

  4. For our part, we will inform you, and,you (User), expressly consent to the fact that the personal data you provide us and those obtained from your relationship with us are included in an archive, or archives, for which TOB srls is responsible with the following purposes: 

    1. Being able to carry out maintenance, fulfillment, development, control and management of your purchase and deliver the contracted Services to it;

    2. Advertising: if you do not object, by marketing the opposition box to the receipt of advertising that appears when you comunicate your data to us, it will be understood that you authorize us ti send them, during and after our report, of commercial communications to notify you of the existence of new services, packages of attractions of other products and promotions, own or third parties connectedrecreational activities, by any means, with the inclusion of e-mail or similar, and which therefore authorizes us to keep your data;

    3. If you communicate personal data belonging to third parties to us, or should do so in the future, you will guarantee that you have previously informed us and that you have requested your consent in relation to the details set out here.

  5. Data communication: Your data may be processed and / or communicated to third parties for the fulfillment of any legal and / or contractual obligations that may exist.
    For example, for the purposes set out and in order to carry out the Services, the necessary data may be communicated to the local operator (where some countries may have level of protection not comparable to the European one) for which the User, in the event that he communicates your data, expressly accepts that your data can be transferred to the aforementioned company and from this company to TOB srls in case of needs such as, for example, we cite for example and not in exhaustive form, for the purpose of resolving complaints or accidents in the Service.
    During the bargaining procedure, among the various data, the credit card details will be requested which will be directly communicated to the financial entity that manages the collection, exluding TOB srls from accessiing such data.
    This request will be made with the main purpose of falidating the card and payment and correspond to the free and legitimate acceptance of the legal relationship between the User and TOB srls in which the development, fulfillment and control necessarily implies the connection between this treatmen with archives belonging to third parties, which is legitimate if connected to the fulfillment of specific purposes.

  6. You can exercise the rights of access, notification, cancellation and opposition by writing in writing to TOB srls - Viale Atlantici, 16 - 82100 Benevento, or by e-mail sent to TOB srls at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., attaching a copy of the valid identification document valid and indicating in the object, "protection of personal data".

  7. As explained above, it will be understood that, if you communicate your data to us, you expressly authorize us to carry out the processing of such data as previously described.

Intellectual and industrial property rights

  1. All intellectual and industrial property rights used or integrated in relation to the Service owned or licensed by TOB srls, or by the Operators.

  2. The reproduction, modification or manipulation of the products / services, as well as the related brands / products is prohibited.


  1. TOB srls declines any type of liability possibly deriving from an incorrect use by Internet users of its site and the online purchase procedure.

  2. it also declines any responsability for any prejudice caused to the third parties, not attributable to TOB srls.

  3. TOB srls will not assume any responsability for any service interruptions, delays, errors, malfunction and, in general, for all the inconveniences whose causes are beyond the control of TOB srls and / or due to malicious or negligent behavior by part of the user and / or originating from causes of force majeure, or unforeseeble circumstances.

  4. With respect to liks of hyperlinks external to TOB srls, in the event that the relative connection appears, this will be done for information purposes since these links are not part of the control exercised by TOB srls and therefore TOB srls declines any responsability regarding the information contained in them.

Contract validity

  1. If one of the clauses of these General Conditions is considered null or not applicable, the rest of the clauses will remain in force and fully effective.

Applicable law and jurisdiction

  1. In cases where the legislation provides for the possibility for the parties to submit to a forum, both parties, with express waiver of any other forum that may correspond to them, must refer only and exclusively to the Court of the city of Benevento.

    If the legislation provides for the possibility of opting for the applicable law, both parties, with express waiver of any other corresponding rights, must refer to italian law.