Regulation for the use of the bicycles


This text explains the regulation fot the use of electric bicycles, by which the conditions  and procedures for using them are regulated.
The person responsable for the regulation is TOB srls, with registred office in 82100 Benevento  - Viale Atlantici, 16, hereinafter referred to as TOB srls
The User or Customer with this regulation, is informed about the conditions, methods and procedures to be implemented and respected for the use of the electric bicycles owned by TOB srls, rented by the same, which can be indicated below as "Bicicles" "Or" medium (s).

  1. The user is responsable for the electric bicycle entrusted to him until his return to TOB srls, is also responsable for damage caused to himself, to the bicycle, to third parties and to things while using the vehicle.
    No form of compensation can be requested from TOB srls.

  2. The user must check the functionally of the bicycle at the time of collection and use it personally if it is deemed suitable for use,therefore do not transfer it to third parties.

  3. The user must absolutely not tamper with and / or modify any mechanical part of the bicycle.

  4. The user must diligently and scrupulously follow the instructions on the use of electric bikes that will be given by the guide / guide during the tour.

  5. The user must carefully guard and use the bicycle and return it inthe same condition in which it was collected.
    It is strctly forbidden to go up and down sidewalks with a bicycle.

  6. During use, the user does not enjoy any form of insurance nor the electric bicycle is covered by RC insurance
    The user is therefore required to ride the bicycle in full compliance with the rules of the highway code. 
    TOB srls, declines all responsibility in the event of improper user of the vehicle or failure to comply with the rules of the hihgway code.

  7. TOB srls directly or through person indicated by it, can carry out checks on users during the use of bicycles and request their return if it recognizes the conditions of improper use of the vehicle.
    TOB srls, may refuse the use of electric bikes to people who are in a state of drunkeness or under the influence of narcotic substances (in accordance with articles 186/187 of the highway code) and for other reasons at the discretion of TOB srls same.
    In any case, upon the occurrence of the above events, TOB srls will not have the obbligation to pay and / or return the amount paid by the user, reserving the right to proceed to request further damages suffered and suffered.

  8. In case of loss of bicycle accessories or for damages TOB srls will request the customer the sum necessary for the original restoration of the bicycle, on basis of what is indicated in the spare parts and time table, published on the website under "Our vehicles" sub-item "Spare parts and labor".
    To define the total cost of the damage, the item in the "Spare parts and labor" table , the total will constitute the quantifiable amount of any damage.
    In the event of total theft, the user must compensate the manager for the amount established in € 700,00 for each bicycle.

  9. Thebicycle must be returned, at the end of use, to the same place where it was picked up. 
    The bicycle is considered to be returned, with the countersignature of the return form; the parking of the electric bicycle outside the pick-up point cannot be considered as a return.
    Failure to return the bicycle will be considered as a theft crime and therefore reported to the judicial authorities.

  10. While traveling, the bicycle must not be left completely unattended, even temporarily. 
    The bicycle is not insured against theft.
    The user will have the foresight to implement all the necessry measures to ensure safety during parking periods.
    In the event of theft, the user will respond directly and pay the full amount of the bicycle to the TOB srls, owner of the same, as indicated in art. 8 of this regulation.
    The user must also submit a copy of the complaint made to the cometent bodies to TOB srls.
    The amount equal to the value of the bicycle being stolen will be returned to him if the vehicle is found or recovered, always if the same has not been damaged, vandalized or tampered in which case he will be charged only the amount equal to cost incurred for the necessary repairs carried out to efficiently restore the operation of the electric bicycle.

  11. The user must pay the relevant payment from the time of the start of use (if he has not made the payment by registering on the site “” ) , in addition to any charges due to the return, for damages, total or partial theft.

  12. On the basis of what is indicated in Art. 10 and 11 of this regulation, the user authorizes as of now, explicitly renouncing the right of recourse, TOB srls to withdraw the amount due, from credit card, ATM etc., which was used to make the online payment. 
    If for payment, the user had used a prepaid card, or had paid cash, the same agrees to pay the amount due not later than 5 (five) days from the date of use of the use of the electric bicycle.
    In the event of non-compliance with above, or non-payment of what is due, TOB srls will proceed through legal channels to have its entitlements fulfilled.

  13. For safety reasons, the use of electric bicycles is not allowed for children under the age of 12 (twelve), in any case for underage users, the presence of an adult (18 - eighteen  years and over), will be required, who will assume civil and legal liability for any damage caused by minors to the use of the electric bicycles entrusted to them as well as for any damage caused to themselves, to third parties or violations of this regulation.

  14. In the event of a sudden breakdown while using the electric bicycle, nothing can be objected to TOB srls; it remains the user's responsability to check that the electric bicycle is in order, in every function, at the time of its delivery.