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Living the cities of art n their fullness and integrating in a completely natural way in their history, through specially designed routes, to be carried out in total relaxation with the use of bikes with pedal assistance, that's why the Tourism on bike project was born.
In fact, the goal that its creator and founder Antonino Iiriti has set itself is to allow our customers to enjoy the artistic, cultural and why not beauties of daily life, in order to allow anyone who wants to observe the city with a completely different perspective and making the most of the limited time that often occurs even on pleasure trips, without any kind of stress.
With the assistance of a tour guide who will accompany you and take you on the chosen route, and, the use of radios whit earphones, through which the guide will explain everything you need to know in detail, you can live an experience unique that will project you into beating heart of the city, in its history and in its everyday life.
Visiting a city with the use of a bike with pedal assistance and the support of a guide will allow our customers to access places and areas that are not normally usable, and, another advantage, without tiring.
You can also see and discover things that in a normal tour would be impossible, such is crossingthe alleys of the city full of history, observating daily activities, or, discovering a new way to visit the monuments, without the usual distant vision and hurried that can provide you with a classic bus tour, as well as avoiding the boring traffic jams often present in tourist cities.

Our Team


Antonino Iiriti - C.E.O.


Esther Maurini - Responsible and coordinator of Tourist Guides


Custom tours can be made on request.
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TOB SRLS - Viale le Atlantici 16 Benevento

E-mail address: info@tourismonbike.com

Phone number: +39 349 4232421