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 If you love art and culture, you like to meet many people or if you want to breathe the air of the places that represent Romanity as if you were in a movie, then the Trastevere tour will fully satisfy you.
Trastevere is one  of the most fascinating districts of the capital, made of ancient alleys, which give space to wonderful views.
In it its almost seems ti be in a medieval village, among many archaeological beauties, rather than in the city: artisan, shops, markets, and many people who stop to chat on the street.
The tour of the Trastevere district is undoubtedly interesting, with it you will experience a unique atmosphere pedaling through the narrow and typical alleys of the area, to the sound of the steps that trample the cobblestones, crossing markets, among the scent of the food of the kitchens of the restaurants that populate the neighorhood.




Additional information

In ancient Rome this was the area reserved for the Syriac community and later for the Jewish one.
It was among the urban regions by the emperor Augustus and later, during the Middle Ages, the population of Rome decreased and the area become deserted.
Trastevere re-entered in the urban context two centuries later, when its surface was repopulated. 
Trastevere names derives from the Latin trans Tiberim, that is beyond the Tiber, since the city originated and developed on the opposite bank of the river.
The neighborhood of Rome "Trastevere" is undoubtedly the most colorful and fashinating, it breathes the authentic soul of the Romans, enchanting in its vision for the architectural perspectives that open unexpectedly between one street of cobblestones and the other.

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Always available


About two hours

Start from: Villa Thiasos

Via Appia antica, 55

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Italian, English

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